Who Uses the Connect2Help 211 Website?

Well, if you are reading this then obviously YOU are using it…but would you care to see some interesting stats?

We had over 155,000 visitors to our search site in 2014, and that was 16.5% more than we had in 2013.  Those 155,000 visitors searched for over 200,000 resources, and the top of the list was a search for food pantries with almost 19,000 searches. Once folks come to visit, they tend to stay with an average visit of 12 minutes.

If you look at who used our web site search for community resources – it was primarily those between 21 years old and 40 (about 73% of our users fell in that bracket) and over 85% of our visitors were women. Many of their needs were the needs of “every mom”; children’s clothing (1700 searches), diapers (1750), school supplies (1580), and baby clothing (1300). Over 10,500 searchers came to the Connect2Help 211 website looking for holiday gifts and toys

Most interesting was the fact that we had a large number of repeat visitors, and this means that many of our web site searchers found what they needed and remembered to come back when they had another question.  And it appears that professionals (case managers, hospital discharge staff and social workers) love our site.  We’re finding that over 9% of the searches on our site are initiated in Marion County’s 3 largest hospital complexes.

If you haven’t visited our site – stop in!  If the search doesn’t work for you, remember – we’re here to help, so you can call 24 hours a day!