Our Role & Impact

Connect2Help211 Connects People To the Help They Need


Connect2Help211’s mission is to facilitate connections between people who need human services and those who provide them.  Through the easy-to-remember 2-1-1 dialing code, Connect2Help211 serves solely to promote self-sufficiency, change lives and, as a result, improve the quality of life in our communities.  Last year, Connect2Help211 helped more than 300,000 callers, emailers and visitors to our website to obtain basic needs (food, shelter, heat, etc.), legal assistance, or find help in fleeing domestic violence.

Utilizing the Indiana211 database, we provide our clients far more than  phone numbers, we offer eligibility information, what to expect and information on what documentation is necessary when applying for help.

Important Information To Community Leaders

As we give information to our clients, we are easily able to gather important demographic data about who needs help and what kind of help they need. We can also determine what help is not readily available in our community and what barriers to service might exist. This detailed and  comprehensive information is compiled and reported to  community leaders, service providers and philanthropists to assist in their decision making.  These reports on counties and community issues (such as hunger, homelessness or veterans’ needs) are available for download.

Connect2Help211 Provides Outreach Services for Thousands of Community Services

For agencies providing social services in our community, Connect2Help211 provides an important role in cost effective outreach.  Prior to a referral for a specific service, callers are screened for eligibility and provided important information about access, including hours of operation and required documentation for receiving services.  These early prescreening services eliminate inappropriate service requests to agencies, and allows those agencies to better leverage their resources for providing direct assistance.