Frankly, we need the money……

Many of you saw the introduction of Indiana House Bill 1010, a proposal submitted to the legislature in which the state of Indiana would fund a portion of the costs for 2-1-1 services. It was on TV, on our Facebook page, and here on our website.

Then, sadly – many of you saw that the funding was stripped from the bill and that (as it stands now) 211 will go on as a very necessary, but unfunded service to Hoosiers.

This is a big deal!

We need your help! 211 services are available 24/7, to callers in every county, offering help for everything from finding food and where to donate your Aunt Martha’s used dishes to info on how to get out (safely) from a domestic violence situation. This service is now funded primarily by charitable contributions and truthfully, we can’t find enough of them. Times are hard, donations to United Ways are direly needed by more and more agencies, foundations funding decisions are getting harder, and at the same time (strangely?) needs for food, low cost housing, utility assistance, and help with prescriptions are up.  Less money and more community needs means that wait times, for anyone who calls 211 for help, get longer…and longer…and longer.

Without the benefit of funding from the state, this situation will only get worse.

Please, PLEASE – visit our site (the page title says it all)

If you agree with the letter – just email your name, position and company or organization (if any) to Andrew Cullen at ( and you will be added to our appeal. More names means better chances – we need your help to make our voices heard!

If the funding is reinstated, Indiana will partner with the philanthropic sector to fund 2-1-1 services. Last year, between 2-1-1 callers and those that got their information off of our comprehensive 2-1-1 agency websites, we served more than 460,000 people.  Think of the people that we could help to find food, sleep safely and get the skills for a new job if we were adequately funded!