2-1-1 Needs Your Help

Friends and Supporters of 2-1-1:

As you may know, our top legislative priority this year is to secure long term funding for Indiana’s 211 service. The House budget included a $2 million annual appropriation for 2-1-1, but yesterday, the Senate released its version of the budget, which removed the appropriation. We must now advocate strongly for the appropriation to be reinstated in the final budget during conference committee discussions.

Take a look at the advocacy letter we have drafted to be sent to the legislative leaders who will have final jurisdiction on budget matters. I sincerely hope that you will sign on to this letter so that we can send the message to state legislators that 2-1-1 is a critical service that is in need of critical support.

Because this is a very time sensitive matter, we ask that you respond to this email by Wednesday, April 15, and indicate if you are interested in signing on to this critical advocacy effort.   Simply respond to Andrew Cullen (andrew.cullen@uwci.org) with you NAME, TITLE, and ORGANIZATION if we can add your name to the letter. 

Thanks so very much.  We appreciate your support.  Please forward this to any and all stakeholders.

Lynn Engel